Published Work

Book Reviews:

Dave Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Life, Globe and Mail

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir



Shawn Hook with Lights at Salle Andre-Mathieu, Quebec

Canadian Music Week Review, 2012, p-40-45, Vanadala Concepts

Heavy Metal Connects Serbia to a Dark History, RFP



Shea “Kid A” Malcolmson, Abstract Artform, Vandala Concepts p-20-21

Cristina Scabbia, Lacuna Coil, Vandala Concepts p-14-18

Teri Gender Bender, The Rock and Roll Report

Ryerson Free Press

Steve Moore singer/songwriter of the Unravelling and Post Death Soundtrack

Stefan Kovačević, lead singer, guitarist of Forever Storm


Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Events / Music Events:

Florence and the Machine at the Molson Ampitheatre

Dog is Blue at the Silver Dollar

Toronto’s Modified at Lee’s Palace p-24

N.N. at the Velvet Underground p-22

These United States, in Toronto, Canada p-18

Steve Gates CD Release Event for Bee in Her Mouth, p-18

Lethal Voltage at A.gruta The Cave, p-14

Rabid Whole’s CD Release show with Raised Emotionally Dead

Deeanna Danger Talks to Nephelium Fans at St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

Kelly Clarkson at Niagara Fallsview

Gigantour, Oshawa GM Centre, Vandala Concepts, p-10

Dave Mustaine Book Signing

Juliette Lewis at Lee’s Palace

Trigger Effect at the Hideout, NXNE


Album Reviews:

The Dirty Panties, I Am a Robot, p-7

Red Light Antics, p-7

Polecat, Fire on the Hill, p-7

Bend Sinister, On My Mind EP, p-7

Stone Iris, Illuminations, p-7

Raised Emotionally Dead, Memo, p-7

Wyldlife, S/T EP Vandala Concepts, p-5

Rachel Epp, Rosary, Vandala Concepts, p-5

Trigger Effect, Escape From Planet Scorpion, Vandala Concepts, p-5

Cortez, All The Way, Vandala Concepts, p-5

Tribune, Elder Lore/The Dark Arts

Kate Lynne Logan, Chrysalis, Vandala Concepts, p-5

Steve Gates, Bee in Her Mouth, Vandala Concepts, p-5

Florence and the Machine, Ceremonials

Forever Storm, Soul Revolution, The Rock and Roll Report

Forever Storm, Soul Revolution, Ryerson Free Press

Trigger Effect, Versitis Maximus



The Beautiful Breaker of Code, Raven’s Call

The Raven on Queen Street

Our Name in Lights



Ronnie James Dio

Dark Angel

Damien Malice


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