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Bi Notes book cover

The B in LGBT is seldom theorized in the context of oppression and invisibility whether through Lesbian and Gay circles or in relation to heteronormative culture. Bisexuality is named by those that are not bisexual, but barely voiced, written, or expressed by bisexuals themselves, until now.

Bisexuality is promiscuous, deceptive, and a phase. What happens when an activist, author, and genderqueer, bisexual feminist deconstructs the myths and stereotypes, reversing them from sites of shame and secrecy into revolutionary freedom?

Shiri Eisner’s “Bi Notes for a Bisexual Revolution” is a must read for sexuality and gender studies, but also compelling and ground breaking for anyone who knows minimal on the subject. The text is reader friendly with side notes breaking down words commonly used in theory. Eisner also gives trigger warnings when discussing anything that could be difficult or problematic for readers.

This book is for those that do not fit the binary of gay or straight with desire for only “male” or “female”. It is for those of us that see love, sexuality, desire, gender, and sex as fluid, ever changing, ever evolving, and always questioning. Shiri Eisner takes the myths and stereotypes of bisexuality and turns them into sites of revolution and empowerment. Add this to your gender and sexuality reads. It is well worth it.

Reading this book proved very valuable for me. I had a difficult time coming out and was afraid to identify as bisexual due to the stigma I was receiving. Eventually, with lots of support from loved ones, inner self work and love, and this book, I see my identity as revolutionary and positive. I, too, take the stereotypes and reverse them as empowering. My blog “Coming Out Queer” addresses some of my own personal feelings regarding my identity and so I will add it here. I am grateful Shiri has dug so deep into biphobia and monosexism (terms I never knew existed). Having vocabulary to explain experiences brings much more awareness and knowledge.

Coming Out Queer