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Pallor Mortis is a death metal band from Montreal, Quebec. They played the Katacombs Friday, November 9 with opener Impalement and headliner Paroxysm.

All photos taken by photographer and videographer, Clifton Nicholas.

vince last one lolPallor Mortis, Latin for “Paleness of Death”, are a death metal band from Montreal. They are comprised of Vince O’Leary on Vocals, Jessica Simard on bass, Peter Lountzis on guitar, Anthony Bourque also on guitar, and Luc Lauriault on drums.

Heavy metal is a misunderstood genre, death metal, even more so. Pallor Mortis deconstructs some of the stereotypes and myths of this genre with lyrics that reflect political situations and darkness that is a part of our society. Instead of promoting violence, they shed light on issues, while keeping that foreboding music throughout songs and stage shows.

Pallor Mortis all 6 (1)

The band is built around the friendship of guitarist Peter Lountzis and lead vocalist Vince O’Leary. When bands are founded on friendship, you feel that energy in the audience. They began their music together in high school, growing and collaborating to find the band they have now. Having already opened for bands like Marduk, Lock Up, and Goatwhore, it should be interesting to see where this band goes next!

Pallor Mortis is perfect horror, a picturesque back drop for chilling film, where sound meets visual in nightmarish gore.

Lead singer Vince O’Leary is the evil look alike twin of story told Jesus, with thin sculpted body and long curly hair. His black high boots were worn on top leather pants that hung low on waist. His sinister smile creeped through screams.

Screams were few, high pitched, and eerie. Orders for pit thrashing were given with the same guttural voice: “I wanna see a fucking pit! On my signal! … Give me the fucking pit!”

Music ended for a split second with complete silence. I realized in this moment, how loud the band is, and how obediently they had the crowd in rapture.

anthony 4 (1)

Vince let us know it was their last show.  Unawareness and surprise filled the air, “until we get back in the studio to record our next album!!”

The crowd thrived for that, cheering in response.

Everyone was thanked for coming out, the audience, the band that opened, and the band about to go on.

The song of the evening that left the greatest impression was “Feces of Fear” followed by  “Dominus Et Deus”.

The crowd raised their fists in the air, a farewell gesture of unity among death metal.

Peter played a gorgeous guitar solo making me anticipate more.

peter solo (2)

The crowd was brought back to the moment. We were again reminded it was the last song of the night. The audience yelled for one more song. They would have their request, granted, they “fucking scream!!!”

A sinister laugh chilled the microphone.  The song got heavy, the band broke out into head bangs, and the speed intensified. The set ended this way; glorious and grotesque. I am pleasantly pleased and death metal changed. Fun was had by all.