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Florence and the Machine opened with “Only if for a Night” from Ceremonials. Florence Welch stood in the middle of the stage as a seraph in black. Her smile lit up the audience as she looked towards the sky channeling a higher power.


As she moved to the left of the stage the audience responded in applause. Gliding back to center she looked right through us with a command only a singer of her stature can evoke so sweetly. Her arms rose like a pop prophet singing “What the Water Gave Me”. The right side of the stage met her acquaintance screaming. She ran back to our centre channeling our subservience. When asked to jump or sing, we did, without hesitation.


Posing like the voguesque super model she is, she spoke in the sweetest, most polite British accent: “Hi Toronto, we’re Florence and the Machine”. Her waves reached those in the upper levels and even in the grass, and like Bruce Dickinson unifying a crowd and making them feel connected, she reached all too.

“Cosmic Love” brought holy darkness to the surface; the angel in black cloak. With a flick of her hands she turned off the music and lights to chat with us about Canada and how good looking the girls are. She asked for human sacrifices through the raising of people on shoulders. Giggling she said “hundreds of Canadian sacrifices!” leading us into “Raise it Up”

As Florence joined us on the floor level, she mysteriously blended in, disappearing, while I wondered if she came near, would I be able to stop myself from attempting a humble kiss upon Pre-Raphaelite cheek. The smell of pot filled the air and I craved a cigarette.

The encore gave us what we needed to take us over the top, beyond bliss. The band came back with “Never Let Me Go” and Florence giggled quietly into the microphone. I swear the song was written for me, and with that nod good-bye, I felt it was played for me too.