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Dog is Blue is a two piece Toronto based garage folk band. I caught the set of the very funny and memorable, Paul and Laura, at Toronto’s Silver Dollar, July 21, on a Saturday night.

The evening began with a soft introduction that swiftly changed, making me realize how pleasantly loud a two piece can be. The evening was hilarious and sweet all at once, with beautiful music that reminded me of the Civil Wars and Blue Rodeo; a perfect combination of Canadian tales and sweet harmonies.

Paul is quite the story teller. A pretty guitar solo accompanied a funny retelling of their last gig; Paul split his pants while dropping an amplifier simultaneously. My laugh was surely heard throughout the bar that reminded me of Cheers, everyone seemed to be friends and I was among the chosen at this local venue.

Excitement brewed over the band’s new pedal purchase. Paul had lots to say about it, mixing melodies with a gorgeous song called “Tortoise”. Sounds of birds matched lyrics making me smile and giggle; “chirp, chirp”. Paul announced he needed to stand away from the infamous pedal after using it.

Pretty back-up vocals and keys by Laura make songs feel folky, especially my favorite, “Southern Ontario”; “Maybe when I’m older if my wallet ever gets full, I’ll come back to my lady in southern Ontario….” This song makes me strangely ambivalent with homesickness. Ontario isn’t my home per say, but a second home, and like the song, I need to leave. The glockenspiel matches mood with a down home country theme, reminding me of the East Coast, with references and nostalgia for the people and the land.

Highlights of the night included two cover songs. Dog is Blue covered a song by the Kinks and Swedish pop star Robyn. “Dancing on My Own” sounded great, and though Paul teased Laura with her reluctance to try the song, and Paul mentioned “this could go horribly wrong”, it was a favorite of the evening. Go Laura! Go Paul! What a blast!

Be sure to check out more music by Dog is Blue and follow them on Twitter and Facebook! They are one of my new favorites! You will love it!


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