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As I walked down the street that was closed off to cars, I felt like a kid excited for an amusement park. The top of Montreal’s village was lined with pink balls that gave the area a magic vibe, different than our village in Toronto, more colorful, and vibrant for the people passing through and partying at their clubs of choice.

Walking into Unity I was 22 again. It’s been years since I’ve been to a dance club. From day one, the moment I stepped inside a hot, sweaty bass pumping venue, I’ve been in love.

Unity was no different and I fell in love again. Levels of floors played different types of music and all walks of life seemed to lavish the sights and sounds.

Looking back I think of my nights at Fluid night club in Toronto where upon entering the doors I joined an Alice in Wonderland fantasy theme, where everyone forgot the real world and danced their stress away.

A beautiful drag queen, who I managed to snuggle up to for a picture, visited our favorite floor taking moments to dance for us leaving me exhilarated and excited.

The female DJ enjoyed the music, dancing and singing along, as smoke filled the room bringing an ethereal vibe.

This was not just a night club for me; it was the first time in years that I danced so much. Like the gay boys with their shirts off, I made use of the pillars.

If I move to Montreal, Unity will be my dance club. I want a job there. I have the perfect sparkly dress to morph with the beautiful people that dance like there’s no tomorrow.