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I wanted to add an update of what’s been happening with my writing. I am now writing for an independent e-zine called Vandala Concepts. The owner of the magazine supports me and my writing and I love working for her. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, reviewing Gigantour, and beautiful albums by Steve Gates and Kate Lynne Logan. My work can also be found on Vanada’s blog where I have written about Nephelium, a death metal band and their passionate fans, Kelly Clarkson, and Tribune’s new thrash/prog rock album.

Check out the site here:

Vandala Concepts

and the blog:

Vandala Concepts Blog

In other very exciting news, while browsing in my local Indigo I found my writing, from my review of Mustaine’s memoir on his paper back! Needless to say I screamed a little and jumped up and down in the store! I am a huge fan and being published with the Globe and Mail was a big accomplishment, especially because it was a metal review. To have those few sentences of my review on Dave’s book is a dream come true for me! Check out the picture here: