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The boys in the pop metal band would pay for their crimes against humanity. Swamp woman would make sure of that.

She started a fire with chants of spell, laughing as the flames rose above her. The sound echoed through the woods. Her wolves cried on top distant hills.

Her matted hair smelled of past fires. Green eyes turned to red, enlarging the heat, nostrils breathed in desire for burning flesh.

She began the transformation from woman to beast. The brown dress she wore, laced with holes, stretched. Subtle but remarkable, her power increased. The black widow spider, tattooed on her back, glowed with white light, her nails fluorescent green. Blue veins that were always visible, protruded, thickening and filling with blood. Her pulse quickened, her senses awakened.

The monster lifted her arms, raising the fire. Ancestors joined; the energy burning, and intensifying.

The night sky glimmered with smoke; the stars formed the sign of the devil.

Wolves came running nearer. The leader approached.

Swamp woman crouched on her dirty, scratched knees.

“Bring me the leader of the band”, she said.

Damien, the largest of all the wolves, black in color, bowed his head.

She reached a muddied hand down, petting his soft fur. Damien made soft noises snuggling into her legs. She grabbed him by the ear and warned “do not let them tell you any different, do not let them get away.”

The wolf raised his snout in confidence and agreement.

They ran back to the darkness from whence they came. Trees opened a pathway. The ground rumbled and the fire crackled. Swamp woman would see her revenge.