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Serbian heavy metal band Forever Storm is recording their latest album.  The working title, Tragedy, is set for release at the end of the year.  I had a chance to chat with lead singer and guitarist Stefan Kovacevic about the newest single, Paradox.

Another larger than life song has graced Forever Storm’s repertoire.  Paradox is technically driven with faster guitars and pulsing rhythms.  The sound reflects the band’s inspiration; Megadeth infused.  Classic heavy metal resounds.  Forever Storm will not disappoint.

Lyrical themes are open to interpretation and Stefan likes it that way.  Stefan reflects on the complexities of losing someone he loved.  Loss of self is experienced.  Ego or “vanity” obscures what is morally right and wrong.  Regret is infinite when love is lost to foolish pride.

Epic themes reside.  The world is destroying itself with pollution and corruption.  Paradox is the life we breathe that is killing itself.  Music is brought to life from transcendence and the sale of soul crushes the spirit.  Paradox lives in a philosopher’s mind, poet’s soul, or warrior’s shield.

Classic, epic, power metal.