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My subconscious has saved me; finally a dream about metal.

I told Joey about it this morning, that I finally had another normal dream. He said “what’s normal about dreaming of the lead singer of Exodus?”

Normal has its variations for people. I feel out of whack when metal doesn’t enter my dreams. So this made me feel better.

Whether or not the lead singer actually looked like the lead singer doesn’t matter. In fact, my subconscious decided to make him look to my liking. He was still burly like a metal guy; big and all that. But he was East Coast in ways; meaning he had a bit of extra sweetness. We chatted about the origins of thrash metal and I won an argument about Megadeth and Metallica.

I saw a Betty Page calendar last night and fell in love with it. I’ve always thought it was cool people liked Betty Page. I’ve always admired the way women seem to have a crush on her. When I saw this calendar I understood why.

I bought the calendar, brought it home with me, literally savoured it, and felt my imagination wander with the ways she inspires with her freshness, sweetness, and good and bad mystique all in one.

Watching The Notorious Betty Page I loved her even more. Embracing femininity can sometimes surprise you, bringing more masculinity to interact with.

Have you seen this thrash metal documentary? If not, you must.