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First of all Stefan, I would like to say thank you for writing so beautifully and for inspiring your fans so much. Forever Storm is unique to music, really writing from the heart, with this first album release, Soul Revolution. I am very happy to have this time to learn more about your music.

First of all thank you for your kind words and support, it means so much to us! Also thank you for promoting our work by the means of your blog and reports, it is truly outstanding!


You and Milos share guitar playing, specifically solos. How do you decide who will play which solo?

We usually make the rhythm behind the solo first and then start practicing over it. In most cases we randomly chose which rhythm and individual solo to play.


Can you describe for me your song writing process?

First there is thought. That thought is, as time passes by, transformed into words or music. All you have to do is think about something for some period of time, and in certain periods of your life you will find that all that you think about as you mature can be translated into some form of communication. In our case, that form is music.


What bands influence your writing?

There are so many bands but I can, for now, set aside: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath (with Dio and Martin), Megadeth, Metallica, Gamma Ray, Dream Theatre, Threshold, Firewind etc.


Are there any films, writers, activists (anyone at all) that influence your writing style?

The truly great thing about art is that it is only changing mediums. So we found it logical to also look for our inspiration in the work of Stephen King (The Dark Tower), Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), in Al Gore’s theory and presentation about Global warming, the Zeitgeist movement, in movies like: V for Vendetta, To End all Wars etc.


Where do you come up with these beautiful, epic themes for your songs?

We let time do what it does best, make things evolve. When it comes to melodies and themes we let it do just that, we record an idea and let it evolve into something epic! (Laughter)


For me, personally, heavy metal speaks of alienation and oppression on micro and macro levels (big and small-personal and political) which is one of the reasons I love Forever Storm so much. What does heavy metal mean to you? How has it affected your life? Has it enriched you in anyway? Are you aware of the ways in which your words, your message, and your music possibly speaks to the disenfranchised of society?

As I grew older I came to understand the message behind the music. I became more aware of my surroundings and life as a cycle of good and evil and all the things in between. After some time I started to realize that my life is being changed by this new found revelation, and that I am every time falling deeper into the message. From that moment I started to cherish what I have and what life has to offer, and realized that love is one of the most important things in this forsaken world, and began my journey to carry on the flame.


One of the first things I noticed when hearing Soul Revolution, was the talent of you and the musicians. It really is exceptional. Do you and the band have formal music training? If so, what does that consist of?

Only Nikola Maric (keyboards) has formal music training. We all taught ourselves to play. Nikola is currently studying at the Kragujevac Music Academy.


When did you start playing guitar and song writing?

I was nearly 13 when I got my first guitar. It was an old Hawaiian with only one string on it at that time. I started some classes and gained the right amount of knowledge to carry on by myself. The song writing started almost instantly, as in that time I already listened to Iron Maiden (it was my favourite band back then) and was greatly inspired by their music. As time passed I got more independent in writing and started doing my own thing. The rest is history! : )


Who were your inspirations growing up?

In the music world I liked Djordje Balasevic, the Serbian cant author who had written about history and human relations, his lyrics were very poetic. Also I liked Riblja Corba, a “local” rock band with attitude against corruption and politics.


Do you have one favourite band that speaks more to you than others?

Threshold. Their lyrics have that kind of complexity that pushes you to think outside the box. The message is very well hidden in the context, so you need to dig deeper to decipher it.



What do you think of Megadeth?

 Megadeth is a band with balls! Dave Mustaine had made the difference over the years, just by never changing his path, always writing about moral and political questions and our corrupted system. For me, that is the concept that best fits Megadeth; people need to know that everything is going to hell, sooner or later! (Laughter)

Would you mind telling me a little bit about the political conditions of Serbia right now? What kind of music is popular in Kragujevac?

Political conditions are ever changing but not evolving I’m afraid. The music that is the most popular in Kragujevac is the music that is popular in the whole damn country and that is “turbo” folk. The hollow and assaulting lyrics came to be the best thing that the most people could relate to. So you can only imagine how hard it is for a metal or a rock band to progress in that kind of environment.


Tell me a little bit about how you and the band became Forever Storm.

Milos and I have known each other for a long time. We talked much about music and figured that we like almost the same style so, in the end of the 2006 (New Year’s Eve), we decided to start a band that would play that kind of metal. At first we were called Steel Storm, but we figured that “Forever Storm” better corresponds with the story and the message that we wanted to tell and that is to: “Wake the storm, the lust for life in you, and hold it forever!”


How is the song writing coming along for the second album?

The song writing is going on great, most of the songs are prepared for the final arrangement and most of the lyrics are finished. The working title of the album is “Euthanasia for Mankind” and the idea in the means of cover design is already being executed.


Tell me about your experience on OBN TV Sarajevo.

I can tell you that it was a truly great experience. We played every Sunday on Bosnian national television and got the chance to promote our work and to make a huge base of new fans around the region. We are grateful for that opportunity as there are so many bands in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, that do not get that kind of media exposure. Most of the problem lies in the over saturation of the kind of music that is popular.

Once again, thank you for everything! We would be honoured to play in Canada someday and to meet you as well!

Carry on the flame.