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I told each of the classes I’ve been helping with, how much they mean to me today. Tomorrow is the last day I will have, with the first classroom of students, I have ever taught.

“Each and every one of you will always hold a special place in my heart”.

To the grade nine’s I told of their authenticity and quirkiness. They liked this. They clapped immensely for themselves and their dedication.

This is a class that fights over who gets to read out loud. Without any feminist theory from me, they vary gender roles and read lines that are female cast when they are male and vice versa. They truly impress me.

They quote Harry Potter and share their love. We were convinced the ghost of Dumbledore made the projector screen go up, or no, maybe it was Harry Potter.

Their hands will raise when it’s time to read, and you can see a “oh oh oh, pleassssseee Ms pick me” written all over their faces. Their lack of censors are an inspiration to me.

Some of the older students in grade 12 came up to me to say good-bye. One quoted Hamlet: “O that this too too solid flesh would melt”.

I told him that was good, they had to memorize a soliloquy after all, and I smiled at him. He has a right to cynicism, if that is what this is. I do not.