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I can’t get enough of Forever Storm. Luckily they keep performing live.

This is by far the BEST performance I have seen of Forever Storm. It makes me very giddy. The sound and style verges towards thrash metal. Their evolution is clear. They ooze heavy metal stage presence. Look out!

Listen to an acoustic rendition of Trace in Eternity followed by an interview with Stefan Kovačević (vocals and guitars), Miloš Miletić (guitars), and Nikola Marić (keyboards).

I am seriously thinking the next trip I take, needs to be Kragujevac, Serbia. I need to meet this band, interview them, and see them live, in person.

For now, we will make do with what we have. Stay posted for an interview I will conduct with lead singer, song writer, and guitar player, Stefan Kovačević, of Forever Storm.

Stefan Kovačević wearing a message of hope.