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title of post inspired by A Scientific Romance

Rose Marie steps onto the subway where she has an out of body experience.

The time machine brings her back to her 21 year old self where she sees the subway musician who propositions her, with something, he believes, her 24 year old boy friend cannot provide.

Her older self feels protective of that younger 21 year old she sees everywhere, in young girls and women all around her; that  21 year old girl, who was new to the city, and to strangers being so sexist and so cruel.

That same morning, as she reads a novel for class, she goes back in time, and sees a familiar man wearing a familiar suit. A man, about her age, wears cover-alls that flood her with memories of her father, that died much too young, in a car crash, all those years ago.

All men, all people, are not cut of the same cloth.

If you could go into a time machine to change the past or visit the future, where would you go, what would you do? Would you attempt to change what was, to make the present and future better?