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My nephew as Santa, his second Christmas

As I’m walking my dog this morning, the first traces of snow flakes fall all around us. My cynical self starts thinking about how I will get through the winter; maybe tanning will work alongside some hot yoga. Either way, I am slightly disappointed with the change of seasons though I know it is inevitable. Coffee doesn’t seem to notice and keeps pulling and peeing on every tree and mound of grass he can reach within sniffing distance.

A boy of about 8 years of age opens his front door as Coffee and I walk. He screams “it is snowing!” and slams the door closed. A man with white hair, wearing a blue robe, opens the door again, and together they take another look. The boy gets out onto his grandfather’s porch, wearing his pyjamas, yelling and jumping, “it is snowing! it is snowing!! Yeaaaaaa! it is snowing”.

He throws what looks like an old blue teddy bear into the recycling bin and continues to dance around in circles with a smile and a happiness that is absolutely magic and contagious. In that moment I am thankful for the snow and for life and I feel tremendously happy and blessed.