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Music transcends language. It is one of those gifts that encompasses, more than anything, feeling. That I can listen to a song in another language and get as excited as I would hearing a new Megadeth song, speaks volumes to me.

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Megadeth should visit Serbia and Forever Storm should tour with them. Forever Storm is a metal band fans can stand behind. I hope they stay exactly as they are despite the success that is destined to come their way. The music industry is not easy to navigate but metal has a loyal fan base and we stand behind what we believe in. If a band can stay true to their message, they will have a devoted following.
The power of  fan sites and websites are an important tool for communication. Without these sites I would never have met the people I know who keep me posted on music all over the world. Without these sites, without my blog, I would never have met Nemanja who commented on me meeting Dave Mustaine at a book signing. I would never have had him on my facebook page and I would have never heard of the band Forever Storm. Who would think that a chance encounter like this would lead me to a new band that I get excited to hear about?

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Here are some links to keep you posted on the momentum of the band. I am so proud of them. Like I said from the very beginning, they have heart. You can hear it in their songs and you can see it in their smiles.
 Thank you to Jovana who sends me each and every clip of the band as it becomes available to the public; an amazing feat considering she is in Serbia and I am in Canada!