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Forever Storm’s first album release is polished and perfect. It is classic heavy metal. Soul Revolution rallies against oppression and alienation on a national and individual level. Guitar solos on this album will intimidate the best in the genre. Stefan Kovacevic’s vocals are impressive. He will astound with more releases, studio time, and live shows. It is the emotional fragility of Stefan’s voice that draws the listener in. Soul Revolution has heart.

Anthems begin the album and the context is fierce. “Gunslinger” tells of battle with metaphor and meaning: “spoke with raven, betrayed a child …Silent screams torn up by the wrath / Still haunt him in the night…He was on the way to the Dark Tower”.

The album follows with “It Rains”, “Battle Cry” and “Soul Revolution”. I understand why metal fans in Serbia love this band so much. Each song is as powerful as the first with musicality that is reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Megadeth. You will hear the influence of their forefathers.

Dissension from the norm is “Outcast” and “Who I Am”. Metal fans are dissidents of society with expression of exclusion unequivocally. The songs are a call of alliance; a unity for all. Forever Storm will “fight for you”.

Discover “For You”; an acoustic ballad that is so intimate, it almost feels wrong to listen. It reminds me of that little piece I wrote that explores the forbidden fluids of artists exposed for the world to share. Forever Storm calls to Ronnie James Dio: “when a star shines on me / I will know that it’s you”; though it is still more personal. It was written for Vuk Stefanovic’s grandmother that passed away. Listen and tell me if you don’t get misty eyed like I did. “For You” bleeds through skin and vein, pulsing with love. It is impossible to not connect with such beauty.

Make it big so you can come to Canada. I will be there, in the front row, as the Outcast and your biggest supporter.


1. Gunslinger
2. It Rains
3. Battle Cry
4. Soul Revolution
5. Trace In Eternity
6. Storm
7. Once Again
8. The Outcast
9. Who I Am
10.For You [bonus track]

The Band:

Stefan Kovačević – Vocals & Guitars
Miloš Miletić – Guitars
Vladimir Nestorović – Bass
Vuk Stefanović – Drums
Nikola Marić – Keyboards

Thank you to Nemanja for introducing me to Forever Storm and sharing their music with me.


Forever Storm Official Site