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Fellow Droogie and heavy metal fan Nemanja shared links from a live show he recently attended. Forever Storm is a heavy metal band from Serbia.

Check out the passion of these metal fans! I love all the hair, the display of masculinity, and the energy and aggression unleashed in such a positive way!

Cover of One by Metallica

Cover of Holy Diver by Dio

The concert took place in Kragujevac, which is one of the larger towns in Serbia. Heavy Metal in Serbia is actually quite rare, so Forever Storm is loved immensely. According to Nemanja, “Forever Storm is one of the first bands that actually go out there and do something. They were voted top metal band in Serbia and got to play at Wacken (an open air heavy metal music festival in Northern Germany)”. When there, Forever Storm placed either second or third, Nemanja can’t precisely remember. Either way, we give Forever Storm the horns and our respect for giving and bringing such fierce love and metal to Serbia!

Some interesting things happened during the show (don’t they always at a metal concert?) that Nemanja shared with me, revealing the spirit and grace of this up and coming metal masterpiece. All the amps went out on Nemanja’s left side when someone accidentally kicked the cable inside the mosh pit.  Everyone near the front thought they went deaf and the biggest problem occurred during the band’s cover of Fear of the Dark (a LOVED song by metal fans across the world!). All of the microphones went dead and the lead singer and lead guitarist let the fans sing the rest of the song themselves. Nemanja loved this and really, there is nothing better than the sound of fans singing the lyrics to a song at a metal show (I love this with the lines of Peace Sells-“if there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line, but it better work this time”) so it is easy for me to imagine what this felt like for Nemanja and the crowd. After the show, the lead singer thanked everyone for the great performance (metal is so interactive, it feeds off the energy, love and participation of the audience); especially those in the front row (hint: our friend Nemanja!)

Forever Storm has one album released so far, they have a powerful amount of energy they bring to the stage, AND they do a mean version of She-Wolf. What is not to love heavy metal fans?

Forever Storm MySpace page