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I’ve been so busy these past couple of days and when things got busy things got exciting. Just when I thought it could not get better for me; meeting Dave Mustaine, getting a hug from the legend of metal!, being published in the Globe and Mail reviewing Mustaine’s memoir, I find my article getting 1608 facebook recommendations. I see this the morning before my first class and I immediately click on my facebook and see my name in the Megadeth fan newsfeed!

Picture by Francisco. His deviant art page is with my featured links.

One of my metal friends Nemanja wrote on my wall that my name is on the Megadeth site. I assumed he meant the facebook one, which was exciting enough! I have a new friend in metal with a facebook group for Latin fans “Yo soy de Megade’” that speak mostly Spanish and I am welcome because I am nosey and maybe as passionate as they are (maybe).

I get home from an amazing first day of class and an exciting start to my morning. I was thinking on the idea that my background is a focus on anti-oppression and I am so happy the core of my newest class will be as well.

When I get home with Joel I see that my name is on the main Megadeth site! You can’t imagine how exciting this is for me. My facebook page is loaded with love, comments, and congratulatory words from metal friends all over the world! I accept add requests and make some add requests and see that Maxï  has actually taken the time to take my name, highlight it in red, and share it with the group and tag me with it.

Have you ever heard of anything so sweet and special? Francisco went on to congratulate me, tag me in a post with beautiful words verging on worship and I am thinking “how can anyone not love metal? How can anyone not want heavy metal friends all over the world? I am so blessed!”

Thank you all for all the love; all of you who made such sweet comments, asked for a friend request, or offered congratulations. What a bunch of sweethearts you are.

And to think there are more of you out there that I don’t even know. As I write, that same article that was posted on Megadeth and the Globe and Mail has had 2287 facebook recommendations.

I hope that Dave Mustaine and Megadeth realize how lucky and blessed they are. I know how lucky and blessed I am. I cannot imagine what it must be like for them. I think I am oozing green gooey love out my pores. MUAH!

and now some links from my metal friends! These are fun. Check them out!

Dave Mustaine on Duck Dodgers

Dave Mustaine on Drew Carey