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It is a great day for heavy metal. Today my review of Mustaine:  A Heavy Metal Memoir is published in the Globe and Mail daily book review. I am so proud and so happy. My horns are raised for metal fans everywhere; and to you Ray Wallace, who did everything you could to support heavy metal when you were alive. This is for you.

Deanna Reviews Mustaine for the Globe and Mail

A shout out is given to H. J. (Jack) Kirchhoff books editor for the Globe and Mail,  for giving me this amazing opportunity. Jack took the time to read my background, experience, and article. He got back to me a couple of days later telling me he would publish what I worked on.

I worked on a special piece for the Globe and Mail (Canada`s National Newspaper, which will now be given a horns up for all time for publishing me) with the help of Bob Bickford, Kit Dobson, and Joey Hatred.

Kit coached me, telling me to tell Jack exactly what I am, a female immersed in the very dude centric world of heavy metal. He told me to give a short introduction of the band (sometimes I forget not everyone knows Megadeth) and to use more quotes from the book. I did as he recommended.

My piece became a grand long essay on Dave Mustaine and his contributions to heavy metal and Metallica. It became an argument of sorts telling everyone Dave’s talent is neglected in the over saturated world of ‘Metallica as metal’ in the media. I talked about Megadeth songs and Megadeth in detail.  Joe read it and said “Dee, that`s too long, we don`t need to know all of those details“. So I shortened it. Joey helped me with my bio and made it look professional and pretty instead of messy and lengthy.

Bob Bickford got back to me first thing the following morning. He was kind enough to proof read and edit my piece. His edits made it look perfect.

Droogies, I was nervous, excited, and anxious. The Globe and Mail and Jack Kirchhoff are well known in Canada. My work is completed and here I am published reviewing Mustaine`s autobiography! This is for fans everywhere. A female writer and real life heavy metal fan has been published reviewing a metal memoir!  

Joe told me today I am like William Miller in Almost Famous. I am. I have two writers that are my mentors: Kit Dobson and Bob Bickford. Now I have a famous, kick ass writer/ books editor that has published me in a Canadian publication. I am blessed.

Give the horns to Jack and my friends that have helped me! I couldn`t have done it without them and I couldn`t have done it without you! you, the people that actually read my writing.

H.J. (Jack) Kirchhoff: Short Bio of Kirchhoff

Kit Dobson: Info on Kit Dobson

Bob Bickford is a fiction writer, author of Caves in the Rain, and he is currently working on his next novel.

Joey Hatred is my partner, bass player and most helpful supporter. He will be a guest author on my blog in the near future.