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Over the weekend I was chatting with some biodynamic farmers. We had such an amazing time and the energy in the room during our conversation was quite remarkable. One of the topics of conversation was Dave Mustaine. Since I will be published in the Globe and Mail this Wednesday, reviewing Mustaine’s new autobiography, I suppose it was destined to come up in topic.

What I realized again is that not everyone knows heavy metal, Megadeth or Dave Mustaine. What is interesting to me, being a Megadeth fan, is that I need to describe Dave and his contributions and split from Metallica so that people understand who he is (and he is so much better  than Metallica).  Generally, towards the end of our conversations, and our time together, people are quite receptive and amicable towards the idea of Dave Mustaine and heavy metal.

My thoughts have gone this way: Dave Mustaine should release a solo album, something country / pop, but not new country. I can picture and hear Mustaine singing real country music.

Now I know country music is something he makes fun of from time to time in interviews, but can’t you just see it? Can’t you just hear it? Mustaine like  Johnny Cash.  His voice, narrative, and story telling ways are very similar and I noticed on facebook that many of my metal friends LOVE Johnny Cash. Why do they love Johnny Cash? Because Cash is the real deal. He is an impressive worldly story teller. He is humble and beautiful. His words send shivers down your arm and up your spine. Dave does this too.

After reading Dave’s book and meeting him in person for that short but memorable time, I believe he can become a household name.

After listening to all 12 of his albums whether on shuffle or song after song with each album play, Youthanasia and Risk stand out as the albums where he  tried something new and  succeeded, whether or not metal fans embraced this style.

There is no denying the infectious sound and feel of “Breadline” on  Risk. Every time I hear that song I like it more and I can hear Mustaine singing with just an acoustic and maybe Junior accompanying him on bass (we love you Junior!).

Picture it: Mustaine on a solo tour; Mustaine singing with a guitar, writing songs he wants to write, not for fans, but for telling stories about his life and new found faith. Stories are special. I want to hear more stories.

So Dave, if you are reading my blog, God(dess) Bless You, if you are not, bless you anyway. I am certainly not religious but I am spiritual, and fans of Megadeth and heavy metal are the sweetest fans out there, and they are open to more styles and sound from you.

Look to Zakk Wylde  for inspiration. Heavy metal fans seem to love his solo albums and are receptive to more from him.

If you do embark on this solo tour, consider me your Canadian publicist. I will write and review for you. Give me a shout out or 10% of earnings. That is all I ask. Or you can hire me as your special Canadian writer / reviewer. You can be assured I will cast you in the best possible light. Like William Miller in Almost Famous, I am not the enemy. I tell it like I see it, and I can see this happening for you. It will be less stressful than a full band tour, more sincere, much more intimate, with the possibility of generating more buzz and cash.

Even if it doesn’t generate more money for you, if you want to write for the sake of writing, you should do it!

You released your memoir and separated yourself from the hespers in the genre. I ask you to consider something new. I will have your back and so will other true music fans.

If anyone has anything to say about my topic, please do comment and tell me your thoughts. Feel free to argue with me if you wish, I’m sure we can debate in a friendly fashion.

And since I will be heading back to school in the fall, my life will be much more busy, so I am really happy I have these things to write about now, because soon, this will be less frequent.