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I want to write a song
that will cast
all of our names in lights
you will shine bright
and all the world will see
what you bring
a shrine will be cast
in your name
and it will be
the same
as his and hers and ours
we will change the world
our dreams are created
so that we
can all be
this is what dreams are for
the ones we cannot be with
enter our dreams

they arrive through song
and in song
we are with them

we feel them
see them
hear them
and taste them
the scent of ocean will linger
and the salt will remain forever
in your hair
and on your skin

when you hear a song
and you visualize a story
that feels so real
you can feel the story it tells
and see it so clearly
and taste it so strongly
you feel like that song was written for you
well, maybe it was
energy is in the air
and it is in
every little thing that we do
this was written for you, and you, and you
the next time you see a star
know I named it after you
and my Dark Angel
will look down upon you
seeing all that you do
smiling with love
playing with fire
and singing from hell