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Writing That Gives:

for the people that inspire us to write better and to write more:

A Post About Twitter:

Hangin’ On Every Word


A couple of days after reading this post I thought differently about twitter.

Suzanne and I are also now twitter pals and her tweets are actually quite good. They give to people.


A Post for Adoptees:

Adoptee Rights Blog


Jeff fights to change legislation to ensure that all adoptees have access to their rightful history.


A post to cheer you up:

I Need A Pep Talk


This post made me laugh and it left me feeling inspired. I am absolutely a lone wolf!

I commented on this site under the “help me” section suggesting a pep talk to help me write fiction. They responded. Here it is!

A post to motivate:

I Need A Pep Talk To Write Fiction


Dash said this post inspired him to finish his novel. It has also inspired me to get started on some fiction!

What I am working on:

Some fiction to inspire:
 “We never remark on the moments that matter the most to us while they are happening. Only afterward, when the perspective of time has shown us what they meant, do we do our desperate best either to remember or to forget. We never marry our first loves; they are inevitably discarded and then mourned for a lifetime. Our youth is spent impatiently and then its remembrance is treasured and savored in our old age”. Caves in the Rain
Bob’s work makes me want to write fiction. Good writing can be descriptive and beautiful without an agenda. Fiction is grasping something higher and more imaginative. It is that feeling from a dream that inspires me to write, or when a song lyric with melody, just comes to me. This writing comes from somewhere else; somewhere transcendental. I hope I can write every line with such care and magic like he does someday.