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Is this what feminism looks like? Is this what feminism feels like? I’ve waited a long time for this.

Juliette Lewis is a raven. Her black hair shone blue in the spotlight. The feathers on her shoulders made it seem she would fly away. She played the drums while wearing aviators. Eat your heart out Tommy Lee.

Lewis had total command of the audience. She trashed Lady Gaga and pornography, calling both “bull shit!”. We cheered in response.

I wondered if I could love a character more than I already did. The roles she played are familiar; like Mallory in Natural Born Killers. I could and I did.

She had me misty eyed. I felt my eyes would cry and my body would rain at her command. She had me at the drums.

 “You’re like a kid at a candy store”. There is nothing new here; I am always like a kid at a candy store when I encounter a new band I will devour.

Juliette conquered like Slayer, rendering us immobile to respond correctly. I was the lone head banger. I raised my horns and blew her kisses.

Someone was sweet enough to bring her a bouquet of red roses. She took the roses from the fan and destroyed them. Petals flew reminiscent of American Beauty. One lonely rose danced on her crotch. That rose would soon know the fate of the others. The petals were crushed in her fist and lay scattered on the floor.

She sang of revolution and we felt it in the air. “Best front man ev-er” is what I said, but I say some foolish things when I am caught in the moment. Something similar was said of Slayer when I saw them last. Still, she had me weak and manic, attempting heavy metal head spins.

 I should have slowed down with the vodka. I tried to drink more water but the drinks kept coming from a guest that knew no limits. He screamed: “help me!”.

Men were scared, women were in love. Just for that moment, in Toronto, at Lee’s Palace.

Now I am clear headed and curious for more.