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Dave Mustaine’s, “Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir” is an autobiography of a struggling hard won music career. It  is also a  story of survival, redemption, and faith.

Photo by Joey Hatred

Mustaine is a pioneer in the heavy metal thrash movement and his memoir reveals a conservative approach to the business, displaying a strong desire for money, power, and fame. The  memoir gives an honest and eye opening account of life as a rock star with an infinite amount of groupies, drugs, and alcohol.

The story is not told in a typical “rock star” fashion. Mustaine does not divulge his indiscretions in repugnant detail like comparable band memoirs.  Life on the road is told like it was and like it is, objectifying women, but not to the extent where there is a sense of alienation and exclusion from heavy metal and the band that is Megadeth.

The battles Dave Mustaine faces on his tumultuous road to recovery and stardom are dark, impossible, and humorous.  That he has never given up is inspiration alone. His fights and efforts with band members (eighteen to be exact) from past to present are many, revealing the perfectionist state he runs the business that is Megadeth.

Heavy metal may not be mainstream but it has a huge, loyal, passionate following and Megadeth is a corporation.  Mustaine has attempted and succeeded at being one of the best in the business without antagonizing fans to the degree Metallica has with Napster and copyright issues.

Megadeth remains and will live on despite the toll the business has taken on Dave Mustaine’s life, family, and personal relationships. The music industry is not a friendly place, not for the weak of heart or thin skinned.  Mustaine’s battle with drugs and alcohol are shocking and vastly heartbreaking considering his indisputable talent and degree of humanity revealed in the text.

Dave Mustaine is a legend in heavy metal, he has written music that has inspired generations of fans, and he has proven that with faith anything is possible. It does not matter if you are religious or musical, Mustaine’s, “A Heavy Metal Memoir” will leave you  moved and inspired.