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Men roared like lions expressing their love.  I became like a child.  All of my cocky superficial self was lost in the moment I would meet the man I looked up to.

One of the men in the line behind me screamed aggressively when Dave walked in the room.  He actually apologized to me.  That is how polite heavy metal fans are.  I told him not to apologize, I understood completely.

I got a hug from Dave Mustaine.  For a moment I wanted to hold on. 


The metamorphosis took place completely.  I was a child.  Some people clapped ; maybe because I got a hug from a metal god or maybe because I was apparently so enraptured.

We walked down the three levels of Chapters book store and I was giddy.

By the time we got to the front doors I was in tears.  I took my sunglasses off Joel’s hat and put them on my face to cover my emotion.  The man from the line up behind me caught up to us on our way out and said “you got a hug from a metal legend”.  I said “I know.  I cannot believe it.  He is my idol”.  He said “I can’t wait for the show tomorrow.  It’s going to be a blast in the pit.  I hope I see you tomorrow.  I hope I get to see you tomorrow night”.  I said something along the lines of “me too” and I meant it.

I had earned the respect of a heavy metal fan.  With that hug and my apparent admiration for Dave Mustaine, I had earned the respect of a fan.  There are no fans of any genre of music with such loyalty and such fierce love.

Dee’s Longer Version of Signing