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Trigger Effect’s new album “Versitis Maximus” has taken a couple of months to digest. I was not sure the band could surpass the acclaim “Dare to Ride the Heliocraft” received.  Trigger Effect remains Canada’s most vile punk band and it shows in their newest album release.  

Absurdity and mayhem attacks in “Fiiiiiight!”, “Ghostie de Tabarnak”, “The Rhombus is a Square”, “Leave Me Stallone”, and “Party ‘till You Die, Everyday ‘till You’re Dead”; songs that are bound to make you smile and giggle. 

“Fiiiiiight!” shocks and flaunts, confounding still, considering the antics of this band’s past performance and writing capabilities.  We are drawn to envision a silent, unsuspected visitor, who knocks to be let in; a unison response: “Who the fuck is there?!!?” with a lone reply: “It’s your demise motherfucker got your kids by their hair!!!!” The challenge is declared: “That’s right, let’s fight, your fucking family dies tonight!”.

“In Us We Trust” leaves a somber impression: “charred remains of everything you loved / black wind blows away the remainder of / your best intentions and humanity”.  Trigger Effect’s song expansion is abashing inside this track, switching from a scene that is irrevocable and despairing to celebratory survival violence.  Context throughout the album transforms from supernatural giddy phenomena to “a million men, women, and children awaiting their next meal”.  

Self reflective and loathsome “Waist Deep in Shit” is insatiable: “when you suck me off / and spit it back in my face / seems to me that the plots grown way too thick”.  Music verges to the melodic, the song pours and explodes: “raindrops slowly turn to hail / the fire below supposed to cleanse impurity”.  In anger and rejection: “with eyes wide shut I can finally see you reflected back in my misery / I know for sure that you don’t give a shit / ‘cause you’re not and you’ve never been in on it”. 

There is something different here, something special.  Yet, it is still the same band that chews up their fans and spits their pieces back in their faces.  Get this album.  It evokes the need for more from this frantic shaman with demon tribe.

I know you want this hoodie.